I Came, I Saw, I VapedMeanwhile at Cafe 4.20 (The Kuil) in Amsterdam.. #SelfHemployed #TBT #2003 #ThrowBackThursday! Our buddy decided he wanted to try out the Volcano vaporizer one time. "One Time I Said!"

The 4.20 Cafe has been home to Self-Hemployed for years. A very relaxed Coffeeshop in the heart of the city and only 3 minutes from Central Station.

For those who remember the 4.20 had one of the best maintained pool tables. Back in the day this is where the crew went to relax, drink a beer, smoke one, play some pool downstairs in the back and not to forget where we met our friend and Legend John Sinclair. Activist, Poet, Founder of the White Panthers and MC5 manager.

Today the 4.20 Coffeeshop is still one of the most relaxed Coffeeshops we know and you might find us there having a coffee.

Like Porn But DifferentDid you know it's possibly harder to do business with reputable companies when it concerns #Cannabis than when it concerns #Porn?

Over the years Self-Hemployed had to fight a lot of bureaucracy in means of being able to process any transactions when it comes down to our business. Mainly because companies like Visa and Mastercard have so-called standards.

Any third-party billing company working with these prejudice and rightgeous Credit Card issuers are subdeud to do the same and might lose their license when not conforming.

Over the last year the American government and also the Dutch government have voiced their opinion over this matter, and decided banks have no right refusing known and reputable Cannabis companies for business. Let's follow up on this!

Beacuse really... You can't by seeds, but HSBC can do THIS?

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