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El Clandestino Amsterdam offers you a wide variety of great Cannabis seeds such as the classics 'Super Skunk Special', 'Skunk 44', 'Durban' and 'Northern Light XXX', NOW ALSO AVAILABLE 100% FEMINIZED SEEDS.

In 2001 El Clandestino opened its doors in Amsterdam. It is dedicated to supplying quality seeds of classic cannabis varieties at very affordable prices. All El Clandestino varieties are produced on the El Clandestino farm by experienced Dutch breeders. Early 2007 the company was given a boost of confidence with the introduction of some exiting and delicious new genetics. The packaging and website are also updated with new photos and now offer better product information, and even more tips!

Today, in 2016 El Clandestino is proud to announce that four of their most popular strains are finally available as quality feminized seeds! Read all about the brand new line of 100% feminized seeds and discover why good quality does not have to be that expensive!

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Super Sativa Seed ClubThe Super Sativa Seed Club together with then named 'The Seed Bank' have been the foundation of the most high quality Marijuana strains in Amsterdam. Traveling the world to find the best strains for cultivation including the best strains from N. America. They were also referred to as the 'Discreet Professionals' and shipped Cannabis seeds world wide.

In fact it was the S.S.S.C. that invented the S.O.G. technique, but they called it the "Plantlet Method". Prior to this, it hadn't been recorded anyone trying to flower a clone without any veg time.

In these turbulent times the seed bank became massively popular. Their catalog and original varieties are a sought-for item in the industry. Hash Plant; reportedly originated as a Lebanese/Thai Hybrid in North West USA and was later hybridized with Northern Lights No 1. Like many popular US strains it was brought to Holland as a clone for further development within commercial seed breeding programs. Was offered first by the Super Sativa Seed Club.

The Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) also bred a Thai strain for four generations to stabilize its traits favoring indoor cultivation. SSSC's famous Durban Poison male was used to pollinate a particularly sweet Thai female from this fourth generation. The hybrid was called 'Durban Thai Highflier' by SSSC is has quite a reputation among Cannabis 'Old-timers'. They exhibited the best genes from both sides of their heritage, maturing early and remaining reasonably compact due to the Durban's influence. True Thai weed is sickly sweet, but when crossed with the Durban, the hybrid took on a taste distinctly like black licorice. The 'Brothers Grimm' decided to cross a particularly early-maturing female SSSC Durban Thai with a Cinderella 99 male.

Other known strains from their collection are;
M1 Nepali, M2 Manilla Fillipino, M3 Durban, M4 Khuyber Afghani, M5 Creeper, M6 Indica-Creeper Hybrid, M7 Khyber Afghani-Creeper Hybrid, M8 Durban-Thai Highflyer, M9 Skunk 1, M10 Afghani, M11 Skunk 1-Afghani 1 Hybrid, M12 Skunk 1-Creeper Hybrid, M13 Afghani/Nepali, M14 Oakland Indica Hybrid, M15 Lone Ranger, M16 Skunk-Mexican Hybrid, M17 Khyber Afghani-Nigerian Hybrid, M18 Primo Hollanditis, M19 Durban-Chitral Hybrid, M20 Gouda's Glory, M21 Victor Baarn, M22 Amsterdam Delight, M23 Afghani/Nepali-Northern Mexico Hybrid, M24 Afghani/Nepali-Kerala Hybrid, M26 Early Bird, M27 Beatrix Choice, M28 Indica-Malawi Hybrid, M29 Afghani-Malawi Hybrid, M30 Royal Dutch, M31 William's Wonder, M32 Khyber Afghani-Kerala Hybrid, M33 Friesland Hybrid, M34 Kandahar-Michiocan Hybrid, M35 Nigerian-Kandahar Hybrid, M37 Creeper-Afghani 1 Hyrbid, M38 Chitral-Tuguegaro Fillipino Hybrid, M39 Skunk 1-Basic 5 Hybrid, M40 Heavily High, M41 Hawaiian, M42 Pakistan, M43 Hoosier Hoot'n Hollar, M44 Sanora Super Sativa, M45 Pluton 2.

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Present day the Super Sativa Seed Club is working on opening up as Amsterdam's first official Cannabis Club! We are working hard on restoring/digging up old material and essential information on the historical path of Cannabis and the SSSC.

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Nevilles HazeIn 1988 Nevil introduced the first Haze to Holland. The 'Haze x Northern Lights F1-Hybrid' had it's origins in the United States, where the 'Haze Brothers' had been growing the Sativa plants since the 70's. The price in 'The Seed Bank' catalogue was then $100 for 10 seeds. It nearly became extinct beginning of the 80's because growers were looking for easier varieties. The Haze Brothers eventually retired, but first made a trip to the Netherlands, where they met with Nevil, a breeder who's name has often been associated with the Haze and its hybrids even before he was 'The King Of Cannabis'. Nevil acquired Haze seeds from them, preserving the strain and using it for many crosses. Haze requires profeasional care and a lot of patience because of its long season.. but it has been very good for hybridisation. Today, the Haze variety is found in many crosses that are available, and is a favorite to many 'Sativa Connoisseurs'.

A tribute to the father of all modern seed companies, Nevil Schoenmakers. There is something very special about this 3/4 Sativa that those in the know will recognize once they smell the end product. It can be difficult to know what to base your selective reasoning on, but the plants that go longer than 16 weeks indoor will really not be of value in the end to indoor cultivators. A tip for those who do find a long flowering plant they wish to keep.

Clones usually finish 2-3 weeks quicker than the seed mother plant and therefore will give the grower a possibility to finish something that normally needs the tropics to grow in. The full flavor is sativa all the way so for you Indica lovers this plant will not be for you! It was made by combining a pure Haze to a Northern Lights #5 x Haze, thus creating probably one of the most influential plants of our time, certainly for flavor, aroma and effect. It is a must if you are within 10' of the equator for outdoor cultivation, but indoor would be recommended in other regions.

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John SinclairJohn Sinclair has been called "The Last of the Beatnik Warrior Poets," "The Hardest Working Poet in Show Business," an American cultural icon and a founding father of the international counter-culture. Now based in Amsterdam, Sinclair is a globe-trotting performer and bandleader, a leading blues scholar and music journalist, an award-winning radio broadcaster, record producer, educator, and pioneering crusader for marijuana legalization since 1964.

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